Mission: Fortify — Mission: Honoring Obento-ya

I’ve always said the MSP area is like a big small town . When something happens, good or bad, you know someone (or you know someone who knows someone) involved. A heartbreak has happened at Japanese bistro Obento-ya. Executive chef and owner Mie Winters lost her battle with cancer, but her spirit lives on in the restaurant she loved.

So here’s our latest mission:

Mission: Honoring Obento-ya

Date: Monday, February 24
Time: Any time for lunch (11:30-2:30 pm), happy hour (5-6 pm) or dinner (until 9:30 pm)
Obento-ya – 1510 Como Avenue SE, Minneapolis


Why Fortify Obento-ya?

1) It’s a great, local Japanese bistro featuring fresh food. Small plates, creative bento boxes, sushi, ramen and more. Who couldn’t use a hot, steamy bowl of ramen to brighten this horribly long winter?!

2) They have happy hour specials as well as lots of vegetarian and vegan options. There’s something for everyone. Also wine. And sake. And beer (Morimoto beer!)

3) When someone has a dream, like a restaurant, and makes that dream a reality — it’s a big deal. When that someone is taken far too soon from their family and the community, it’s our duty to honor that dream. Show her family and staff how much you believe in Mei-san’s delicious dream.

So, who’s up for a sushi flash mob? Bento flash mob? Morimoto soba ale flash mob?! Let’s make it happen, Fortify community! There are a million other things you could do on a random winter Monday, but you can only do THIS on February 24.

Send the Obento-ya family a message on their Facebook page  and I’ll see you at Obento-ya on Monday, February 24.

When you visit the restaurant, be sure to tweet photos of your beautiful meal and who you shared it with using the hashtag #MFortify


Mission: Fortify — Mission: Heidi’s Happy Hour

Sorry for skipping our mission in July — we were busy “fortifying” local restaurants in Portland and Seattle and time seriously got away from me. Without further adieu…

Are you ready for August’s mission?!?

Mission: Heidi’s Happy Hour

Date: Thursday, August 22
Time: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Heidi’s Minneapolis – 2903 Lyndale Avenue S.

heidis minneapolis logo

Why Fortify Heidi’s?

1) Heidi’s is currently featuring AMAZING happy hour specials only on Thursdays and only in August. $2 fish tacos and PBR tall boys. $3 tenderloin sliders, shrimp rolls, mint juleps and glasses of red and white wine. This is no slouch bar food, this is gourmet and we’re running out of August Thursdays, people!!

2) It is summer and this weather has been beautiful. What better way to celebrate this brief season that outside on a patio getting hella bargains on the platinum standard of food?

3) The crew at Heidi’s has had a rough year — co-owner Heidi had major surgery, they lost a close staff family member and friend, their “sister” restaurant, Birdhouse, in Uptown closed. But Heidi’s is still going strong and it’s time for the food community to band together and show these folks that we value their contributions and raise a julep (or two) to Heidi’s.

Tweet @HeidisMpls using the hashtag #MFortify to let them know you’ll see them on Thursday, August 22 for happy hour!!! I’ll see you there for sure!

Mission:Fortify — Mission: Sun Street Breads

First mission details:

Monday, June 24
Sun Street Breads
4600 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis (corner of 46th and Nicollet in southwest Minneapolis)
Breakfast and lunch: 6:30 am – 2:00 pm
Pizza: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (pizza takeout available by calling 612-354-3414)

Sun Street Breads

A little bit about Sun Street Breads:

Solvieg Tofte, formerly the head baker at Turtle Bread Company, and her husband Martin Ouimet opened this bakery and cafe in 2011. They’ve won many “best of” awards, each and every one well-deserved. They have my vote for best pancakes AND best biscuits in the Twin Cities. And whatever those fried potato balls are, I want to eat those with every meal.

How you can support Sun Street Breads on June 24:

* Stop in for a gorgeous, hearty breakfast.
* Meet up for an amazing lunch.
* Fresh, local pizza night with friends and family (either dine-in or call ahead to take out)
* Pick up a few loaves of the most amazing bread you’ll ever eat and add some sweet treats to your basket, while you’re at it (you only live once and never regret a brownie on your death-bed)
* Spread the word — tell everyone you know to meet up at Sun Street Breads on Monday, June 24
* Share the love — if you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or other social media sites and if you have a blog, take pictures, write about your food and share, share, share! Let’s use the hashtag #MFortify

Sun Street Breads posts daily and weekly specials on their website: SunStreetBreads.com

So, who’s in? Let’s kick this off with a bang and fortify the heck out of Sun Street Breads.

Who will I get to meet on June 24 at Sun Street?!? Let me know in the comments below and, since Sun Street is a small cafe and doesn’t take reservations, I can give them a heads up as to what they should expect (not a slow Monday, that’s for sure)!

Mission : Fortify

We’re members of the Fortify Food Community in Minnesota. Our mission is simple, each month, we select a local restaurant to support on a random “off” day. The restaurant must be locally owned and operated and have been open at least one year. We don’t do flash mobs — we want restaurants to be able to plan ahead appropriately. We understand that one great day can often make the entire month for small, local restaurants. We do our best to let a restaurant know when they’ve been “fortified.”

The restaurants we choose aren’t “hurting,” or “in trouble,” we choose places that you happen upon on a random weeknight, have an amazing experience and say, “Why isn’t this place completely packed right now, it should be!” Our goal is to do just that.

Join us! We’re the opportunity you’ve been looking for to visit a restaurant you’ve never tried. We’re the excuse you need to get back to a restaurant you loved, but haven’t visited in awhile. We look forward to having you be part of this mission.

Mission : Fortify is organized by Lynne Morioka of Eat.Drink.Life.Love.